About the Academy Council

Since becoming part of The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust in July 2015 the Governing Body is now called the Academy Council.

The Types of Governor explained

Foundation Governor -  Foundation Governors are appointed by the church and since becoming part of the Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust in July 2015, Foundation Governors are appointed by the Bishop of Leeds.  Foundation Governors are required to make up the majority of the Academy Council.

Parent Governor – Parent Governors are elected from parents at the School by parents at the School.  Please click here to see the Parent Election Pack.

Staff Governors – Staff Governors are elected by the School Staff.

Governor Training

Governor training is provided by both North Yorkshire County Council and the Diocese of Leeds. We recognise that it is important that our Governors remain current and we attend available courses frequently.

Academy Council Committees

School Development Committee – In summary, the School Development Committee keeps monitors the quality of teaching and learning, pupil progress and review both the School’s curriculum policy and the provision for religious education and collective worship. It evaluates the implementation of these policies and where necessary makes recommendations to the Governing Body.  The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the requirements of pupils with special educational needs are met and that staff attend continuous professional development. The Committee work closely with the headteacher and contribute and monitor the school development plan.

Resources Committee – In summary, the Resources Committee ensures the sound management of the school’s financial situation by monitoring and evaluating the School’s financial performance.  It ensures that the School development Plan is fully costed and provides a sound basis for long term financial planning.  It is also responsible for reviewing staffing structures, HR policies and Health & Safety

Admissions Committee  -  In summary, the Admissions Committee determines admission policy and arrangements.  It implements the policy and reports decision to the full Academy Council.  It acts in accordance with the statutory School Admissions Code of Practice at all times.  

Catholic Life Committee - In summary, the Catholic Life Committee monitors and reviews the provision for religious education and collective worship.

The Role of the Governor

The work of the governors is to provide strategic direction to the school by setting its aims and objectives, establishing policies and procedures, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing progress of the school and being accountable for the school finances.

The Governors have their own Action Plan which focuses on having a more robust approach to reviewing and evaluating the work of the school. To do this governors have allocated responsibilities in specific areas e.g. Maths, English, RE, Safeguarding, SEN & Inclusion, Health & Safety, Pupil Voice (School Council) and Catholic Life of the school.  Governors will spend time with the school Leadership team visiting the school and reviewing these areas, they will also wherever possible attend informal school events e.g. school masses and assemblies, productions, parents evenings etc. This will be parents’ opportunity to meet them.

Governors are jointly responsible for the conduct of the School, ensuring that the best possible Catholic education is provided for the pupils attending St Mary’s.  The Governing Body is a corporate entity and acts as a group.  Each member has a right to participate in all aspects of School Governance.  Although Governors are appointed or elected by different groups, they are not delegates of those group and their central concern must be the welfare of the School as a whole.  Please click here to find out more about a Governor’s Job Description, Responsibilities and required Personal Qualities.

Would you like to find out more about what the Governors do?

If you would like to find out more about what the Academy Council does or are interested in becoming involved then please contact our Chair – Mr Paul Jackson, our Vice Chair – Mrs Liz Jones or our Head of School – Mrs Helen Tomlinson.