School Council

The school council is run by Mrs Moore. There are two children from each year (except Foundation) on the School Council.  The School Council have explained a bit about themselves below.


We persuade other children to vote for us using posters, power points and speeches. The boy and girl who get the most votes go on school council.  We have two children from every year except Foundation.   If you are on school council this year you can’t do it next year.


Every Monday we have lunch together.  Each week we set tasks and talk about things that are happening in school.  We check the trouble tub and suggestion box for ideas.

Things that we have done:

  • Helped charities

  • Bought Playground Equipment

  • Helped in the discussions about the 'words we live by'

This year the School Council is:

  • Year 1 - Codey & Hattie

  • Year 2 - Teddy & Nell

  • Year 3 - Theo & Eva

  • Year 4 - Grace & Oliver

  • Year 5 - Catherine & Micah

  • Year 6 - Emma & Reuben

 The School Council of 2017/2018

The School Council of 2017/2018